Since 2007 we have been using our experience, creativity and enthusiasm for implementation of common projects under the banner of the United Target. We combine our over ten' years experience in providing services to customers and in sales management with our enthusiasm for travelling. Thanks to this we successfully arouse our passion for actions, in which adventure meets entrepreneurship.

Our efforts have led to increased number of regular business partners who appreciate our involvement and enthusiasm while planning, preparing and executing new orders. Thanks to this approach of our partners we have comfortable working conditions and environment whose result are successful projects.

Mission United Target

In United Target we know that people are the greatest assets. Our mission is to heat up passion and creativity in others through adventure and exciting experiences. This is what we are primarily interested in. No matter if we are preparing a trip for a group of 10 or 600 persons. We always focus on individual experiences of single participants.

 Life can be either a daring adventure or nothing
Helen Keller

What makes us different?

We focus on the highest quality. It is our conscious decision and intention to carry only over of dozen project per year. The guarantee of success of each project depends on the time invested and truly thorough analysis of the needs of the customer and potential participants of the trip. We give clichés and routine a stamp of disapproval — only extraordinary projects are of really high quality.



From the very beginning

the project is carried out by an expert who really travelled around the country (we do not use services of the so called classical project managers whose activities are mostly based on the translation of a local contractor offer).

Each field and sector

has its own specific features. This is the reason why we select the attractions in accordance to the field and sector our customers are working in. This is namely the only way to create a really tailor-made programme. Test us!

Safety of our guests

is our absolute priority - as the only agency in Poland we offer the care of a physician specialising in emergency (medical) services and assisting the group during the trip.

In the first place

we want to guarantee real emotions and experiences - the trip is not finishing after coming back home.

One of the key elements

of the trip is the quality of the service during its execution. This is why we are not interested in services provided by casual persons who have not been involved in the project from the beginning. A trip is organized and supervised by a person creating the project from the very beginning.



We are adventure-lovers, travel enthusiasts loving challenges and journeys in lands we have not discovered yet. We are not pretenders and we do not play ‘make-believe’.

We simply do our best investing 100% in each project prepared by our team. Following this philosophy we enter our office with smile and enthusiasm and work on the tasks we are entrusted with.

Below there are some skills of our five-person team:

  • One of us is a certified radio officer with qualifications for large ocean cargo ships
  • We speak several languages
  • We are fascinated by motor sports - we ride cross motorbikes and do auto lifting
  • We are really fascinated by adventure: we do sailing (we have crossed the Atlantic Ocean), climb and reach high mountains (5 thousand metres above the sea level), conquer demanding trekking trails (for instance in the distant Tasmania)
  • We have several qualifications: for sailing, motorboats, skiing and diving. We make use of all these qualifications during each trip in order to open the world of adventure to our guests





We run projects within the frame of the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) on each continent. We always aim very high. Thanks to this approach we can guarantee that what our customers want to tell to participants of an event will be kept in their memory - for ever!

People speak openly about a successful trip.
A failed trip is discussed for longer and the failures of such a trip are subject of never-ending comments.

Our trips enjoy good reputation since the convention of your trip makes this event extraordinary. Only a genuine formula makes any trip-related message really trustworthy.

  • Should it be a convention of fight, so we offer, for example, Professional Poland Fighting Championship Gala (project from 2010)
  • Should we beat records, then we beat, for example, the Guinness Record (project from 2007)
  • Should it be a team competition and rivalry, so we offer, for example, regatta in Croatia in luxury yachts
  • Should it be racing, so we offer bolides racing on an exclusive, private race track

Programs of supporting sales

Our services are not only confined to planning, preparing and implementation of trips abroad, conferences or congresses.

We use our competences and skills gained within corporate sales structures through organizing efficient supporting sales programmes for our customers and communication systems for sales structures.

We provide comprehensive sales supporting services within the frame of a consequently implemented convention comprising: a thorough analysis of the company, selection of the leitmotiv, establishing clear and consistent rules, constant monitoring of the results and prize distribution.

In addition, as one of few Polish agencies we implement communication systems for sales structures. These programmes constitute a very vital tool in management of extensive organization structures.


Our business partners are people who share their passions and ambitions to achieve the best results and reach the highest peaks of their professional career. This ensures us comfortable working conditions and certainty that a goal set will be achieved. Finally, United Targets means ‘common goal'. Our and our customers' common goal. Our partners are leaders in their field. They significantly contribute to rapid and intensive development of the MICE - sector in Poland.


We closely collaborate with:

  • The largest producer of consumer electronics
  • The largest telecommunication company in Europe
  • One of the global leaders of the tobacco industry
  • One of the largest cosmetic brands in the world
  • The leader of the pharmaceutical industry in Poland


If you want to know who we are collaborating with, feel free to call us any time.
Join the best ones! Test our skills!


DMC Poland


Thanks to our knowledge, our gained experience, flexibility and creativity but above all thanks to our knowledge of customs and preferences of different nations we were able to successfully organize a lot of meetings, conferences and events for foreign customers in Poland.

Visit Poland and we can promise that you will return back here again and again!

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